Balloon Add on - WAGGA ORDERS ONLY

Balloon Add on - WAGGA ORDERS ONLY

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I am able to add balloons to all wagga local orders. 

These are not for purchase on their own they must be purchased with a product. These are purely an add on. 

Please note this is available for Wagga Wagga orders only. 

If these are added to postage orders they will be refunded . 

If the recipient or anyone in their house has an allergy to latex please select foil balloon only.

Complete set of Rose gold Foil heart balloon and 3 latex balloons - $10 

Rose Gold Foil Heart Balloon - $6


3 Latex Balloon Bunch - Silver, Pink and Rose Gold  - $6 for the set 


 Float life of latex balloons is 8-10 hours 

Float life of foil balloon is 3-4 days