Car Vent Diffuser

Car Vent Diffuser

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The perfect way to fragrance your car with your favourite fragrance. 
Available in 5 fragrances 


Musk Sticks 

Coconut Lime


Caramel Vanilla 


 Car Diffuser Instructions and Warnings

Remove wooden lid

Remove plastic stopper

Replace wooden lid

Tilt bottle to wet wooden lid (5 seconds)

Remove wooden lid

Replace plastic stopper (to prevent spillage)

Replace wooden lid

Refresh using the above steps when needed.

Clean up spills immediately, as liquid WILL damage


Store below 30 degrees

Do not consume


Liquid contents must not come in contact with plastics or

painted surfaces, or damage WILL occur. Discontinue use

if the product is leaking. Keep the car diffuser vertical at

all times. Tipping or angling the car diffuser will cause

leakage. Do not install on an angle greater than 40

degrees. If the outsie temperature exceeds 35 degrees

remove the diffuser from car and store in a selaed

container to avoid leakage or damage.